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The Galaxy Tab S5e is (still) the best way to read manga

There’s pretty much two ways to read manga: you can buy physical volumes, or you can buy digital editions to read on a phone, tablet, or laptop/PC. Whether you go physical or digital is a personal preference. I’m mostly indifferent when it comes to books, but for manga I prefer to read digitally, and in my opinion there is (still) no better way to do so today than on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, released in 2019. Let me explain.  read full post

Migrating to GitHub Pages

For many years, my site has been hosted at an ASP.NET hosting provider where it ran on a tiny custom CMS that I wrote myself in ASP.NET MVC 5, using a MySql database for content storage. I initially went that route because it offered the largest degree of freedom of what I was able to do with my site, but I never ended up doing much more with this freedom beyond just hosting some simple blog posts and a few static pages.  read full post

Automating HoloCure fishing with OpenCV for fun and profit

The recent 0.6 update of HoloCure included a small minigame where you can fish (because every game must include a fishing mechanic). It’s implemented as a very simple rhythm game with just 5 possible inputs.  read full post

The most embarrassing Rider bug has finally been fixed after 3+ years

EDIT 2023-03-06: never mind, the fix was already reverted due to “possible performance degradations”  read full post

Advent of Code 2021, days 6 to 10

Continuing our Advent of Code adventure from last time. Let’s see what the next batch of puzzles has in store.  read full post

Advent of Code 2021, days 1 to 5

I figured I’d write about my coding adventures in the Advent of Code this year, and see how far I’ll make it this time. In case you’re not familiar, it’s an advent calendar containing a daily coding puzzle, starting from December 1st and continuing until the 25th. The puzzles tend to get more difficult over time, so I might not solve every single day.  read full post

Decoding the Dutch domestic CoronaCheck QR code

This is a follow up to my previous post, Decoding the EU Digital Covid Certificate QR code. In that post, I looked at the contents of the EU’s international digital Covid QR code. In this post, I’ll be doing the same for the Dutch domestic CoronaCheck QR code.  read full post