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Let's build another gaming PC

Exactly 5 years ago (to the day) I built a gaming PC. That PC has been my faithful gaming rig ever since. I’ve never upgraded even a single part, because it never seemed necessary. It could always run whatever I threw at it. But when upgrading finally did start to seem necessary, so much time had passed that it almost seemed like a waste to sink more money into such an old machine. I would have to upgrade so much stuff (e.g. upgrading the processor to a recent one required upgrading the motherboard, etc), that it made more sense (to me anyway) to just do a complete rebuild. It would simply be a matter of when.  read full post


Juan. read full post

One .NET to rule them all

So .NET 5 was released earlier this week. This is the next .NET Core release after 3.1, and drops the “core” part from its name to signify that this is the singular .NET implementation going forward.  read full post

Hello World

The evolution of software development, as illustrated by Hello World.  read full post

A pure T-SQL replace-all function using PATINDEX

Although SQL Server is a powerful and fully-featured database engine, one of the things it has always lacked is support for regular expressions. This isn’t a super big deal, because you don’t (or at least shouldn’t) need regexes in your database all that often, and if you do need them you can always write a trivial C# extension for it thanks to the SQL CLR.  read full post

A template for Dependency Injection and Configuration in .NET Core console apps

One of the nice things about working with ASP.NET Core is that dependency injection (DI) and configuration is wired up right out of the box. Working with console apps, you don’t have this luxury. However, it turns out it’s very easy to set this up yourself. In this post, I’ll set up a minimal template for using DI and appsettings.json configuration from a .NET Core console app. I’ll be using .NET Core 3.1, which is the current latest LTS version.  read full post

Creating a Companion Cube in Blender 2.8

The Vital Apparatus Vent will deliver a Weighted Companion Cube in three, two, one…  read full post