Photography Stuff

I'm an occasional amateur photographer. Every once in a while, I take some pictures. Some of those pictures are sort of okay (i.e. I'm not utterly dissatisfied with them), and those end up on this page.

I'm a total amateur in every sense of the word: I have no formal or informal photography training whatsoever. This may or may not explain the things you see here.

As for my subject matter, I mostly like shooting architecture and abstract stuff.

Gear: Nikon D5300. Currently prefer my 10-20mm wide angle or my 35mm f/1.8. Since I don't always carry my Nikon, some pictures also get taken with my phone (currently a Nokia Lumia 930, which has a pretty decent fair-weather camera).

Process: I shoot in RAW and post-process all of my pictures in RawTherapee. This involves correcting lens distortion and white balance, and performing noise reduction if necessary. I also tweak things like contrast, saturation, vibrance, and sharpness. This isn't a formal process: I just mess around with the sliders until I find something I like.


November: GLOW

October: ESA Open Day






January: New Year's Eve



November: GLOW

Old stuff

Some older shots, from before I got my DSLR. These are all taken with my smartphone (Nokia Lumia 920 and 930).



Ancient stuff

Here's a couple of really old photos, taken with my very first camera: a Canon IXUS 870 IS.